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Spice Drive Reuse Fill Weigh

Rethink your Plastic footprint

How I can help.

  • Giving you quality organic dry foods both packaged and un-packaged from around the globe
  • Supplying plastic free products and packaging, helping you lower your plastic consumption 
  • Liquid refills stamping out single use in it’s tracks
  • Offering eco-friendly, fair trade, cruelty free, vegan, closed loop system, local artisans and small business choices
  • Utensils and products to cook, travel and clean with
  • Delivering orders locally on a bicycle where possible reducing our carbon footprint
  • Providing an old way in an new era customer service and keeping it human based
  • Inclusive for people with alternative requirements, check out our unique Inclusive Appointment option
  • All product and packaging purchased from Spice Drive can be returned once no longer usable to be sorted for recycling

Stop and think?

Buy what you need.

Search for non-plastic alternatives wherever possible. Stop non-essential single use items.

Every change helps. Your journey is unique from another. Learn, adapt, progress.

Estimated plastic saved since 01/09/2017

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We are always learning and growing and the kitchen is a place many of us spend a good amount of time in our life-time.