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Authentic organic spices and herbs from around the globe available right here in Oldham

We Sell Our Organic Spices Packaging Free

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We Also Sell Our Plastic Free And Eco Friendly Products For The Kitchen

Spice Drive Oldham Showroom

Shop online or visit our unit in Chadderton. 

We have an extensive range of environmentally friendly products for your kitchen


Plastic Free options in Chadderton, Oldham. I help you to achieve a reduction with your kitchen plastics, by offering not only plastic free alternatives but items that have longevity.

Vegan and cruelty free options, fairtrade and ethically or locally sourced.

A Brief History Of Consumption

How I can help.

I can give you the quality time you need while supporting and assisting you, with choosing, refilling and packing your chosen organic spices and herbs and kitchen essentials.
A personal service and space within our unit, without the worry of over crowding. The premises is not a walk-in off the street entrance but a unit inside a building. A welcoming space with a free outside carpark and indoor toilets.

Plastic Free Oldham

Buy what you need.

Search for non-plastic alternatives wherever possible. Stop non-essential single use items.

Every change helps. Your journey is unique. Learn, adapt, progress.

Spice Drive's plastic free alternatives sales and charity donations

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Much more to offer on the premises, you are very welcome to come and visit.

I have provided a separate customer handwash basin for you to wash your hands thoroughly. Masks and sanitizer are readily available for free aswell.