Make Your Kitchen Plastic Free

There is no better place to start your sustainable journey then the heart of your home.

An extensive range of options of authentic organic herbs, spices both ground and whole from around the globe. Flours, beans, seeds and much more. A range of liquid cleaning refills, along with handy tools, items and products to cook, travel and clean with. Make your ethical lifestyle choice easier.

Plastic free, environmentally friendly, fair trade, vegan, cruelty free, closed loop system, local artisans and small business products. Helping you to achieve a reduction with your daily plastics, while not compromising on quality.

Bring your own containers or purchase from us

Spice Drive Reuse Fill Weigh

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How I can help.

  • Giving you quality organic dry foods both packaged and un-packaged from around the globe
  • Supplying both plastic free products and packaging, helping you lower your plastic consumption
  • Delivering orders locally on a bike where possible lowering our carbon footprint
  • Providing an old way in an new era customer service and keeping it human


Happy to give you the quality time you require to browse around while supporting and assisting if wanted, from choosing to refill both foods or liquid cleaning products. Offer a helping hand packing all your chosen kitchen essentials and gifts.
A personal service in a safe space within our unit shop, without the worry of over crowding or unexpected visitors entering. Our premises is inside a large building based in Chadderton. A welcoming space with a free outdoor car park. I have installed a hand wash basin with hand soap and sanitizer at the ready inside the entrance of our vestibule at Spice Drive.

Stop and think?

Buy what you need.

Search for non-plastic alternatives wherever possible. Stop non-essential single use items.

Every change helps. Your journey is unique from another. Learn, adapt, progress.

Estimated plastic saved since 01/09/2017

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A small friendly online community who  chat, share and ask questions with one another inside the group platform. Giving and supporting tips and ideas on all cooking levels. 

We are always learning and growing and the kitchen is a place many of us spend a good amount of time in our life-time.