Additional Services

Sound Reduction Headphones

We understand that some of our customers might find the experience of shopping a little overwhelming. For this reason, we can supply noise-reducing headphones for adults and children visiting Spice Drive on request.


Every carbon footprint matters let’s make zero waste accessible for everyone.


Headphones carefully sanitised after every use.

Recycle Hassle Free

Bring back products you have purchased from Spice Drive, once they have reached end of life. You can easily drop them off into our recycling trolley provided. Replenish what you need. I will later separate the compostables from recyclables ready to dispose of correctly.



Of course we absolutely signed up our little plastic free unit shop Spice Drive on to the REFILL APP it is super easy to use.

You can search for our address and pop on down to get your free water refill at our shop unit.

We recommend you download the Free App to always have it at the ready when you need it most.


Free Water Tap Refills

Free Beverage

You can enjoy a free hot or cold drink while you browse. I am happy to offer and make a nice refreshing drink for you to drink and be as relaxed as possible while shopping.