Chadderton is a town within Oldham in the North West of the UK. The chosen place for Spice Drive. The journey did not start here, it started with a small idea of what if?


Fast forward to 1st September 2017, Spice Drive day one. This day was purposely chosen to co-inside with #OrganicSeptember month. You see what I did there? The buzz around organic September is always good across the social media platforms and I very much wanted to get Spice Drive right in the thick of it, for all the right positive reasons.


Growth and many hard lessons Spice grew from my home kitchen and attending many many networking meetings and events. Then booked stalls in and around Oldham before settling for a monthly market with the charity The Samantha Jones Trust in Uppermill. To moving into a storage unit space down Manchester Road. All the while still preparing at my home. To the now current location in Chadderton inside the Falcon business center a unit shop open to visitors, all in less than 3 years.


The photograph I took from inside one of the units. It was printed black and white large upon the wall and I snapped a photo of it before it disappeared ready for new tenants to move in.


Kaleemah – Spice Drive