A UK First Plastic Free Donation Drop Off Point

This is your chance to support an amazing local vibrant inclusive non-profitable charity Ukeff Oldham. They work tirelessly all year around to support the wide local people in the community. Bringing the much needed Oldham Food Hub to those who desperately need it. It is open and distributed every Monday.

What part does Spice Drive play?

We saw a huge opportunity to help in a very small way to open up our business to be A UK FIRST PLASTIC FREE DROP OFF POINT. To support those that wish to, to easily leave your donations safely with Spice Drive ready for Ukeff to collect and organise and distribute. We wanted to support all donator’s by not compromising your ethical values and personal sustainable journey, when you kindly choose to give to those in need. This is a community effort supporting other people within our local town of Oldham. Without your support it would not be achievable.

Giving locally without compromising the planet.

Based in Oldham, Giving the Greener Way

Pay It Forward

Give what you can, take what you need is our motto

Anonymous giving by paying it forward. When you visit you can pay for someone else. You can purchase foods or products as much or as little as you want. This will be noted and added on to the visible board and will be immediately available and waiting for those who need it. Who then can come and choose independently and discreetly. 



Donate Glass Jars

Accepting donations for glass containers for our customers/clients to use for their refills when they have none of their own.

Greatfully request that all containers are cleaned well before bringing them in.

Scrub well in hot soapy water

Rinse with clean water

Air dry thoroughly on a drainer

I will sterilise your donated jars before putting them out for visitors to take and use for free. Placing them in a hot oven at 120°C for around10 -15 minutes. This will ensure there is no trapped moisture inside. I will place the jar, open side down without the lid, straight onto the oven rack. Followed by leaving to cool before removing from the oven.