Drop & Collect - Information

A Simple Solution To Ease Your Weekly Shopping

How does it work?
DROP: Bring all your clean containers and bags along with your full shopping list between our opening times of 10am - 6pm. Leave everything with me. I will refill all your shopping list you left to be completed.
REQUIREMENTS: Containers must be fit for purpose. Please label clearly all your containers and bags with the contents you want inside them on to the correct container. Be specific, (eg' Cinnamon sticks' rather than 'Cinnamon').
PLEASE NOTE: All containers will be filled to the top unless you specify the quantity. Dry foods cannot be decanted back into our dispensers once hey have been inside your containers or bags of any kind. All dry foods will have to be paid for. So please check you leave accurate written information.
COLLECT: At an agreed time within our opening hours, whether this is the same day or later in the week. You will receive a text message/email once your order is completed. You may on receiving a message from Spice Drive collect your order early if you wish to do so.
PRODUCTS: Yes you can add products onto your shopping list and collect at the same time as your agreed collection time. The website is the most updated list of stock. Please use this as the best source to prevent disappointment.
Pay and go with ease on collection.

Please click the button and book a time/day slot through our personal appointment form and please write in the comment box DROP & COLLECT