Our Promise

  • We were the first zero waste shop in Oldham.
  • We are the first UK zero waste shop that is plastic free kitchen focused only.
  • Everything we sell you is plastic free.
  • All our dry food refill range is all Organic.
  • We are the first sustainable-giving UK Plastic free food drop off point and we chose UKeff Oldham as our local chosen charity.
  • We do not promote hallmark celebrations, we support buying what you need all year around.
  • If it cannot be reused, recycled or composted we do not sell it. Our business format is based around Oldham’s disposal system. Glass, paper and cardboard. 
  • We take back your purchased and end of life products and dispose of them  correctly on your behalf.
  • We will continue to promote, shop and support with Oldham businesses that offer plastic free options. We created Plastic Free Oldham to help you access them more easier right here.