Our Story

Purpose and Journey

Welcome to Spice Drive, a micro business based in the heart of Oldham UK. Established in 2017 and run by Kaleemah a mum of one.

The idea of Spice Drive was first thought of way back in 2011. It took 6 years to make it a reality. Throughout this time I wrote down different ideas and tweaked them. I tried to dig deep to what I felt Oldham was missing. Despite an array of places to get spices, there wasn’t the same availability for organic spices. The second task I faced was plastic free packaging. I wanted clients to receive a hassle free shopping and gift experience that matched the recycling facilities Oldham provides. I didn’t see the point in supplying jazzy eco-friendly items that once used, that would then have to be binned into the grey bin heading for landfill. Simply because there is no where for the items to go. Carefully selecting glass and paper/cardboard packaging is right for the town and the business ethos. This is just one of the goals i intended to tick off the list. Third task, supplying to the UK mainland only. Making the decision to not send goods back across the sea, from where some of them came, just for the sales. Task four, choosing made in GB wherever possible. Supporting local and small businesses and artisans to connect consumers. Task five, the vulnerable receiving a delivery service to their door safely, items they wouldn’t be able to get independently. Since opening, Spice Drive have expanded into plastic free kitchen products from utensils to cleaning equipment and products. As well as a extended dry foods and cleaning refill section that is proving very popular, thanks to the local support.

In March 2018 a few months in, I was diagnosed with 2 cancers and underwent chemotherapy, surgery and radical radiotherapy. The plans to open a shop and to get a big delivery service going was put on hold. I was deeply upset about the future of Spice Drive. Once i took a breath and gathered my thoughts. I put my energy where my heart was and that was in building Spice Drive up to be a positive figure in the community. To grow into something special i can pass down to my daughter. I believe things happen for a reason, even if we do not understand why. Thanks to being part of an amazing business family called Doing Biz For Yourself. I stayed open minded throughout, rewrote a new plan and knuckled down because closing the doors on this dream wasn’t an option. Their uplifting team work helped tremendously.

In 2019 with a new outlook. I changed the business logo, expanded the stock slowly and started to see and feel Spice Drive making small positive steps little by little. A new group Plastic Free Oldham was created and I have plans for it’s future, watch this space.

With a personal feeling of wanting to give back after everything so far. It felt fitting The Christie’s was the place to start. After the amazing treatment I received. So i challenged myself to do a skydive and with the help of amazing sponsors helping to raise £1,257.85 I completed the skydive on 21st September 2019.

So where are we now? Despite all the setbacks Spice Drive has come a long way and I see it going further in so many ways in the future. I am thrilled to share with you all our now shop unit premises based in Chadderton at Falcon business centre, unit E4 is here for you. Took a while to find you the right location but i did. Here with the intention on growing and reaching out to as many locals as I am able to.

Let’s count our blessings. Keep things simple, smile, reuse. Buy what you need and nothing more.

From Kaleemah owner of Spice Drive



Of course we absolutely signed up our little plastic free unit shop Spice Drive on to the REFILL APP it is super easy to use.

You can search for our address and pop on down to get your free water refill at our shop unit.

We recommend you download the Free App to always have it at the ready when you need it most.


Free Water Tap Refills


We believe one of the main reasons to switch to organic spices is the fact that it does not use any synthetic chemicals and pesticides for the cultivation process at all, and instead substitutes it with organic manure and bio fertilizers. 
We believe in providing completely plastic free and providing as many products as we can with reduced packaging. So that we can help people lead a more zero waste lifestyle and that any products we do provide with packaging is fully recyclable, reusable or compostable.
We will be helpful, informative and inclusive. We will update you on not only our shop updates but helpful tips to lead a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle to make this way of living as accessible as possible through our blog, social media outlets, that you can share with your friends and family to encourage them to take your lead, as well as of course, face to face.
We believe in throwing ourselves into the community and being active in a variety of projects. For example supporting local Ukeff-Oldham charity food hub by offering a unique opportunity by being a UK FIRST TO ACCEPT PLACTIC FREE DONATIONSThrough opening up a part of our unit shop space to be a food donation drop off point to make it accessible for local people to help other local people within our community.
We offer adult and child noise cancelling headphones to support anyone who need or want them while within our premises to ease transition from one busy area to another.

Charities We Support

Bring Me Sunshine is a magical CIC company that is literally what it says, bring me sunshine. Supporting the vulnerable and the elderly in the local community. Providing music, activities, joy, communication, memories and more. Sands stillbirth and neonatal death charity is one that is close to my heart. The Christie is a charity that I will forever support and be connected to due to my own personal journey, along with the Maggie’s Centers that have played a special part in my own personal journey. Oldham Food Aid Hub is a Oldham charity that i have admired and followed since it’s early days. The dedication and hard work in feeding the community is outstanding. As i mention above my premises offers a safe non perishable food and drink drop off point for donations. Making it so the charity can distribute out to people within the community every Monday.