Our Sustainability


Up to 95% of the boxes from the packaging category range on our website and within our premises that are provided are rescued. Which are diverted from going into landfills across the UK. A very small percentage of the boxes are made new and are fully recyclable. The remaining percentage are made from recycled box materials. Fully aimed at keeping them in circulation for as long as possible, inevitably contributing towards lowering the production line of mass produced boxes.

Our supplier QED Oldham are based in Oldham.



Spice Drive plastic free packaged products are from QED Oldham and from Bottle wholesale keeping our suppliers as local as possible.

Pre-packed branded items that are not by Spice Drive. The packaging is from the brands themselves and is compostable or recyclable. Here at Spice Drive we have provided a return all the product packaging for us to dispose of correctly on your behalf to help support and simplify your sustainable journey.


What do we mean?

Well. . . We promise to not supply or provide anything plastic. Including reusable plastic or even recycled plastic to any of our customers. 

Have you heard about Plastic Free Oldham a section created by Spice Drive to support Oldham businesses and their plastic free products that are displayed and available to purchase at our premises unit E4 Falcon Business Centre, Victoria Street OL90HB.


Estimated plastic saved since 01/09/2017


Organic as our business ethos was essential and non-negotiable. Aiming for the best quality dry foods and products as we possibly could achieve to find.

All dry foods we sell online and in our unit premises are labelled organic from organic certified UK wholesalers, ehl ingredients, infinity foods and suma wholefoods.


Lots of different products in our shop unit are certified organic and labelled accurately information found in the information for each product on the website.. 


Spice Drive do not export.

We acknowledge that to achieve the best possible quality on chosen items importing does happen on some of our stock. To not increase any further carbon footprint across the globe, Spice Drive only sell within the UK Mainland.




All our stock of organic dry foods both whole and ground are all available on refill. Also a great refill liquid section, which includes washing up liquid, floor cleaner. Additional refills like anti-bac disinfectant hand rub, hand lotion and more.


All of our liquid refills such as washing up liquid, liquid detergent, hand soap etc are provided with a simple circular packaging system that are sent back to be washed and reused. Our supplier is Miniml Refills who are based in Yorkshire. You will be able to purchase your liquid refills through buying a new empty non- plastic container from our shop unit or on the website or bringing one of your own choices to refill in store. The products are made from Yorkshire waters and the business is a family run business that have worked super hard to supply a closed loop system to be as sustainable as they can possibly be.


Being the first zero waste business in Oldham town and a UK only plastic free kitchen focussed sustainable shop. I keep Spice Drive services accessible, reachable and relatable to people. I am just as passionate about plastic free and organic foods as I was when Spice Drive was a tiny snippet of a thought many moons ago. Striving to keep delivering ethical kitchen lifestyles. Motivating and helping  locally is a huge priority and hopefully will ripple out across the UK in a great positive way.